Alan Willis – Clerk

Alan holds the ancient title of Clerk of the Worshipful Company of Bakers. He runs the office and the team here at Bakers Hall, as well as all of the business of the Company. From formal dinners to civic commitments, there is nothing Alan doesn’t know about the City, its customs and its leading lights.

Alan is a Past Master Baker and has a background in banking and IT. He is a former Army reservist and is currently the Officer Commanding the Light Cavalry, Honourable Artillery Company.

Alan can be reached at

Neil Fletcher – Beadle and Hall Manager

As Hall Manager, Neil operates behind the scenes, ensuring the facilities at the Hall are in perfect working order. He or one of his assisstant managers will also be present on the day of your event to help you get the most out of your time at the hall, ensure everything runs smoothly, and look after the safety of your guests.

Neil is also the Beadle of the Worshipful Company of Bakers, officiating at the Company’s many dinners and events, and leading the ceremonial associated with the rich traditions of the Livery. He has many years’ experience of catering and events management in the City. His knowledge and expertise are what make Bakers Hall one of the City’s finest venues.

Neil can be reached on 020 7623 2223 ext. 3 or at

Nem Miletic – Assistant Clerk

Nem’s primary responsibilities are in Livery Administration and Coordination of internal Worshipful Company of Bakers events. An all rounder of sorts, he will be the person to contact if there are any queries regarding accounting, managing of The Master’s Diary and general Livery administration and tech support. 

Nem holds a LLB (hons) Law Degree, but has decided his passions lie outside of the legal field. Watching and participating in various sports is the hobby of choice, while most of his free time (and money) is usually spent either planing trips abroad or undertaking them.

Nem can be reached on 020 7623 2223 ext. 2 or at

Martina Juhascikova – Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator

Martina relocated to the UK four years ago after a successful career as Client/Marketing Manager in her native Slovakia.

She moved to the UK to find new opportunities in life and work. She loves to read UK histories – and also romances! Her dream is to travel the world.

Martina can be reached on 020 7623 2223 ext. 1 or 2 or at